WINDOWS 7 - End of Life  - What this means for you

Jan 14th 2020, Windows 7 is officially out of support & as such its time for anyone still hanging onto systems with the operating system (or Server 2008) to finally ditch these systems for new Windows 10 PC's.  But why upgrade when your current 

system may still be running "fine"?  Unfortunately, When support ends, it means that Microsoft and most 3rd party software vendors will stop producing ANY security or software updates - leaving the computers extremely vulnerable to attacks and data breaches - putting yours & your clients data at high risk - and subject to multiple legal issues.   Now is the time to upgrade these systems to new computers with Windows 10 to avoid the risks & penalties.  Reach out to our team for a free consultation regarding upgrading your systems!


The greatest threat affecting real estate transactions currently is quite arguably wire fraud scams.  You don't have to turn far to find a wire fraud or fraud attempt that hits close to home. As an real estate agent you are responsible for ensuring that all systems you

use are fully secured to help prevent these attacks.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of agents we encounter are not protected in the least from these scams.  How can you protect yourself from these scams & protect your data, as well as your clients information while preventing the likelihood of a lawsuit if a wire scam is successful?

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Concerned your technology isn't quite up to snuff on security, performance & your needs as a business?  Contact us today, to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY & CONFIDENTIAL network & systems audit that will evaluate your current setup & we will

present to you a list of shortfalls as well as changes to your systems that will improve your business.  If you currently work with an IT provider, we will come up with a game plan that will prepare you (should you decide to make a switch) that will try and be as seamless as possible to switch providers.  This audit is normally a $400 service, that we currently are offering to free to offices!

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